22 January, 2013

I was diagnosed as a sufferer from scleroderma and Sjögren’s syndrome. My oral problems were the presence of lesions, burning sensation and hoarseness due to dryness. I am a lecturer, and because of these problems I planned to stop working. My doctors recommended to me the use of mouthwashes. Nevertheless, my quality of life continued to deteriorate. It became more and more difficult to talk and to eat, and I needed huge quantities of drinking water to moisten my mouth.

Three months ago I received the GenNarino device, and was instructed to wear it for 10 minutes upon feeling oral dryness. The device created moisture and freshness in my mouth, and the hoarseness and the burning sensation disappeared. As to my teaching activities, before using the GenNarino I needed a glass of water every 5 minutes during classes. Now I need much less water, I speak clearly and I gave away the idea of quitting the job, which is so important to me. I could gradually decrease the frequency and length of usage, and now I am wearing the device 2 times a day for only one minute each time, and have no need to use oral lubricants or mouthwashes

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