22 enero, 2013

Four years ago I had a throat cancer and as the result of the heavy radiation, I suffer from throat dryness and the main effects are an incessant need to drink, possibility to eat only food with liquids and troubled nights with necessity to get rid of unwanted liquids.

I received the GenNarino device on 16/11/05 and initially used the device 3 times a day (and 5 during the week end) for a period of 10 minutes each time. After a while, from 8/12/05, I reduced the time to 5 minutes only, with the same result than with 10 minutes. As my general feeling of dryness was improving, I stopped taking the pills called Salagen (whose purpose is to increase the salivary glands function) and did not feel any negative effect.

Ranking the general feeling index following GenNarino wearing (5 for best feeling and 1 for worse):

The result was 1 starting from the beginning, increased to 2 on 17/11/05, to 3 on 1/12/05 and to 4 on 2/1/06. All together, 3 important things happened:

First, every time I use the device I improve humidity in my mouth and it keeps going on for up to 2 hours without need to swallow any liquid. Second, I stopped taking the Salagen pills, whose effect was not only increasing mouth wetness, but also sweating. Third, my general feeling has much improved and I can spent full nights with need of bathroom only once instead of 2 to 3.

I think this new patent is very good and should be used by anyone suffering from mouth dryness and wishing to improve his life.”

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