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Best Dry Mouth Relief
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Suffering from dry mouth?
SaliPen is the solution

new salipen
  • Salipen dry mouth cure


    Fast dry mouth relief!
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    Innovative device

    SaliPen treats dry mouth by electro-stimulation
  • SaliPen provides long-lasting wetness effect

    Suffering from dry mouth?

    SaliPen is the solution!

It's easy to cure dry mouth!
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SaliPen relives dry mouth symptoms by electrostimulation

Tested in clinical trials in 14 countries!

  • Demonstrated efficacy
  • Positive effects build up over time
  • Increased saliva production
  • Electrostimulation is safe

Electrostimulation improves these symptoms

  • Oral dryness
  • Oral comfort
  • Speech capacity
  • Swallowing capacity
  • Sleep quality

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SaliPen for dry mouth

SaliPen is an innovative device that treats dry mouth by electro-stimulation that increases the production of saliva and is not felt by the patient. Its two flexible arms, with the stimulating electrodes at the tip of each arm, are placed in the mouth, underneath the tongue.‭‮

Dry mouth (xerostomia)

Dry mouth is a condition affecting hundreds of million people worldwide, is a chronic and mostly irreversible condition induced, mainly, as a side effect of hundreds of commonly used medications, by radiation therapy for head & neck cancer, and by auto-immune diseases.

Approved in Europe

FDA approval in process

FDA approval in process

The SaliPen device