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Xerostomia and dry mouth relief

Effective and safe treatment of dry mouth

Saliwell offers an effective and safe treatment for the relief of dry mouth. Using Saliwell devices prevents the harmful consequences of oral dryness and creates a revolutionary improvement in its treatment and hence, in patients’ quality of life. Using Saliwell devices reduces the expenses which patients and the medical services spend today to treat dry mouth and its consequences.

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Dry mouth? Use SaliPen!

SaliPen is the most innovative solution for dry mouth treatment

The SaliPen device

SaliPen has no side effects and naturally stimulates saliva secretion

The SaliPen part placed between the lips

SaliPen - novel dry mouth cure!

  • Natural saliva production
  • Lasting wetness effect
  • Useful for all dry mouth patients
  • No side effects
  • One size fits all
  • Low cost
  • Based on Electro-stimulation
  • Online orders!

Electrostimulation improves these symptoms

  • Oral dryness
  • Oral comfort
  • Speech capacity
  • Swallowing capacity
  • Sleep quality

Saliwell is committed to offer the best solution for dry mouth

Saliwell’s innovative patented devices bring welcome relief by improving natural saliva production through electro-stimulation. Saliwell devices apply low energy levels of electrical stimulation to the oral mucosa (oral tissue surface) close to the nerves controlling salivary function. This leads to a higher level of saliva secretion. The stimulation signals are not perceived by the patient. This is the most efficient means to relief xerostomia, as natural saliva not only relieves dryness; it also contains essential dental decay-fighting factors and other components critical for oral health.

SaliPen relives dry mouth symptoms by electrostimulation

Tested in clinical trials in 14 countries!

  • Demonstrated efficacy
  • Positive effects build up over time
  • Increased saliva production
  • Electrostimulation is safe

How to treat dry mouth

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Dry Mouth Symptoms Relief

SaliPen is an affordable solution for dry mouth, based on electrostimulation. This method has been proved to be effective in extensive clinical tests on patients in 13 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It has no side-effects.

Saliwell Ltd. focuses on the treatment of chronic dry mouth or xerostomia. We have developed an intra-oral device that carries a tiny chip, which stimulates the salivary system. By doing so, the device causes the salivary glands to secrete more saliva. This effect leads to the alleviation of the symptoms of dry mouth and to improved quality of life for people suffering from chronic xerostomia, Sjögren’s syndrome, radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, medications and other causes.

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    Saliwell offers innovative solutions for people suffering from dry mouth
  • Electrostimulation:

    This method implemented by Saliwell is effective for the relief of dry mouth, and safe
  • Saliwell for dry mouth relief

    SaliPen is an affordable and comfortable device that is used for a few minutes per day

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